Technology hasn’t changed dramatically on pumps and motors in the last 20 years, but electrical controls are a different story. More than ever before, customers expect the smoother and more efficient operation of their systems. They want to be able to remotely monitor their system from the office or home computer, or perhaps even from their smart phone.

Retrofitting your electrical controls system can save considerable money over the cost of new equipment. Older systems are often unreliable which can cost you on down-time. Many times, dated components that fail have long lead times or in some cases are even obsolete. We can replace your antiquated system with a new state of the art PLC/HMI based control system.

With a retrofit, we can provide a solution that adapts to your working environment or give your system a complete overhaul. In doing so, your system’s ease of use, reliability and profitability increase considerably. Spare parts are readily available and less expensive than dated components.  We work with every major brand of equipment, and we use a variety of solutions to meet your needs.