System Integration is the process of creating a single system out of separate components, pieces of equipment, and subsystems. This combined system not only ensures that each individual item maintains its own functionality, but also that all items function together as a single system to meet operational requirements. The benefits of this single system include ease of operation, improved control and monitoring, increased data, and trending to track results. All of these things contribute to increased efficiency, improved performance, and higher throughput.

We evaluate your existing process and the components that it is comprised of. This “process” can range from the treatment of water to the factory line production of goods. The benefits of system integration can be realized on any process that can be automated.

We provide installation oversight and begin our start-up/factory acceptance testing. Once completed, we are ready to train the client on the proper operation of their system. We include complete system documentation, O&M manuals, and a year of support for all of our turnkey systems.